Siobhan Costello

Siobhan Costello

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Siobhan Costello

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Trainer Bio

Siobhan has over 18 years of teaching and coaching physical movement and fitness. She is a former professional modern dancer, teacher and coach specializing in the Doris Humphrey-Charles Weidman technique. Her experiences include teaching and performing in New Haven and Hartford, CT as well as throughout Chicago and New York.

From 2003 to 2006 Siobhan owned and operated Pilates plus Yoga; a fully-equipped Pilates studio. Prior to her opening her own business, she managed a health and wellness facility where she was employed as the Principle Pilates Instructor and the Daily Operations Coordinator. Here she worked closely with the naturopath physicians and chiropractor to make sure all patients and clients met their physical goals and maintained their optimum health. At both organizations Siobhan conducted group classes and private lessons to the public as well as to special populations related to rehabilitation of injuries, surgeries, and various disabilities including long term illnesses.

Currently, Siobhan holds a full certification as a STOTT Pilates Instructor. She joined The EDGE in 2006, not only with enthusiasm and commitment, but also with over 9 years of Pilates teaching and coaching experience as well as over 500 hours of Pilates education and training.

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