Caroline Benton

Caroline Benton

Norwalk | Master

Caroline Benton

CALL: 203.849.0166

Trainer Bio

Caroline has been with the company since 1998 and is responsible for the creation of our Pilates program. She was the first Pilates Instructor hired at The EDGE and since then the program has grown tremendously with her help. She has mentored some of our members by helping them enter the certification program.

Caroline studied under Romana Krywanowski, the successor of Joseph Pilates, and was certified through her program. She understands the importance of combining Pilates with Resistance Training to achieve optimal results and trains with a Personal Trainer on a regular basis. Caroline was certified by Romana at True Pilates in NYC after completing 600 hours of study and practice.

She maintains her certifications each year by attending seminars with Romana and she continues to educate herself on advanced training in the system. Caroline specializes in Pilates for the healthy and for those with any physical ailments such as knee replacements, scoliosis, arthritis, hip replacements, etc. She believes that Pilates can benefit everyone and enjoys the challenge of transferring her passion of Pilates into her client's daily lives.

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