Brandy Stanton

Brandy Stanton


Brandy Stanton

CALL: 203.255.2582

Trainer Bio

  • Studied Exercise Physiology at SCSU
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine, Apex Nutrition
  • TRX Certified
  • Kettle bell Certified
  • Renegade Certified
  • Speed School Certified
  • Insanity Certified
  • Medball Certified
  • Lumbar Pelvic Stretching Certified
  • SMR (Foam rolling) Certified

Training Philosophy
I want to help you achieve your goals by coaching you on nutrition and exercise in a manner specific to your personal needs.


Quote From Client
"Brandy will reveal to you the secrets of keeping fit while having fun in the modern world. You will look forward to every workout with her and your body and mind will thank you."


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