William Delen

William Delen


William Delen

CALL: 203.637.3906

Trainer Bio

  • PhD, Physical Medicine, Seemmelweiss University Budapest, Hungary
  • AFAA Personal trainer Certification
  • School of Fitness and Nutrition Certification
  • dotFIT Certified 


  • Olympic Bronze Medalist, representing Hungary, Munich, Germany
  • 1972, Greco-Roman wrestling, heavyweight Division
  • New York City Marathon 2-time finisher

Training Philosophy
I have decided my career to one-on-one personal training for those seeking anything from weight loss to physical rehabilitation to general health to elite sports fitness. With an emphasis on discipline, structure and good customer service, I strive to help my clients achieve their goals of fitness, self esteem and confidence through building their physical capacity and mental strengths. 

Motivational Quote
"I'll be back." - The Terminator

Quote From Client

  • "William helped me with my shoulder when surgery, rehab and physical therapy did not." 
  • "William is a gifted trainer with an intuitive style backed by medical knowledge." 


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