Road 2 Results | Week 9

Road 2 Results | Week 9

Road 2 Results | Week 9

Week 9 | derby Edge | Merrill Dodge

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Merrill meant BUSINESS today, he was ready to work me out and wasn't having any of my joking around! We started with a quick warm up and he was right by my side as we were stretching out. He gave me some tips to take back with me too in terms of how to improve my mobility which I thought was awesome, he was thinking past the 30 minutes of our workout and really cared about my fitness goals long term and how I can improve. We started off with hex bar deadlifts... I know what you're thinking WHAT IS A HEX BAR... I know, I know... I felt like I was stepping into a funky contraption but once I started deadlifting this bar was AWESOME-- I felt like the HULK here lifting like an animal--- until I looked down and realized it was only 25lb plates on each side-- hey, ya start somewhere right? Usually I do deadlifts with the regular barbell, so this was unique and different for me and I LOVED IT! Once I put the weight down, we jumped right into X-band walks, WOOO right to the glutes.  
After we finished the main set, we moved onto a circuit to finish off. KB swings, box jumps, slamming of the med ball, and TRX rows... I asked Merrill if I could take a quick nap before taking on this feat ... he said no... SO I GOT STARTED WITH MY SWINGS! This workout was no joke and Merrill was motivating me the whole time and making sure I was doing everything the right way!  Until next week...Have a great workout today!

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Warm Up:

  • Squat Progressions: X5, Bodyweight, Reach down, sit down, reach up stand up
  • Spidermans w/Rotation: 5 ea side, Bodyweight, Keep feet parallel to the body
  • Glute Bridges: X10, Bodyweight, Squeezing the glutes at the top of the range of motion
  • Scapular Pushups: X10, Bodyweight, Drop down through shoulders and press back up as high as you can

Main Set:

  • Hex Bar Deadlift: 3 x 10, 65-95 lbs, Sit back and keep weight on your heels
  • X-Band Walks: 3 x 10 ea side, Orange Band, Stay down in a squat and step laterally and evenly (not too wide or too narrow)


  • Kettlebell Swings: X15, 25-35 lbs, Explosive motion through the hips, avoid becoming a pendulum
  • Box Jumps: X10, 18" Box, Land with quietly to train proper control of deceleration
  • Medball Slams: X10, 20 lbs, The harder you throw the more you get out of the exercise, really smash it
  • TRX Rows: X10, Bodyweight, Elbows tight the sides and make sure you let the arms extend all the way down

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