Road 2 Results | Week 10

Road 2 Results | Week 10

Road 2 Results | Week 10


HOW STRONG??!! EDGE STRONG! Class today was FIREEEE... actually it wasn't BURN class it was FOUNDATION! Ya have to start by building a strong foundation to be able to increase your strength and power with any exercise... or so the fitness professionals say!

I had my heart rate monitor on and was able to see my performance during the whole class (I'm "LA" on the screen). My "section" on the screen changed color for each heart rate zone I was in... the picture below shows me in the ORANGE ZONE where I stayed for the majority of class which is good! I also saw my current heart rate, calories burned, and points.

week-10-4.jpg week-10-5.jpg

The workout was 4 rounds of 8 exercises... 45 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest--- and by rest I mean me throwing myself on the floor and heavily breathing! Nah, I did good today and was focused to complete each exercise until I heard the buzzer go off to break. TRX squats with a bicep burl, superman push-ups, crushed some deadlifts, and dis were some of my favorites from today. Mark did a great job motivating everyone in class and making sure we were doing everything the right way. Best thing he said was "Everyday let's get stronger... it happens in this room!"... that is the essence of what Edge Strong Team Training is! I felt like I was a part of something, high-fiving everyone in the class, and really enjoying the workout!

week-10-1.jpg week-10-2.jpg week-10-3.jpg
Have a great workout today,
 – EDGE Fitness Girl
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