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DotFit Calcium

DotFit Calcium

Calcium is such an important part of our daily life. The scary part is that 50% of Americans are calcium deficient! Calcium is utilized for many different functions. When I ask people what we use calcium for, the standard response is, “bones.”


Yes, bones are where calcium is stored in the greatest amounts, but what are its functions? It is usually at this time that I am met with a blank stare. For our muscles to contract, we need calcium. Our heart is a muscle, and it needs to contract regularly, or we die! Therefore, if we are not getting calcium from our diet our body has to get it from somewhere, or you don’t move, you don’t function, you don’t live. So the body pulls it from our “storage facility” aka our bones. The problem with this is if we aren’t supplementing or ingesting 1000-1200mg of calcium daily then we are not replenishing those stores. This can lead to osteoporosis, osteopenia (bone density loss), and eventually osteoporosis. Combine that with adding load in a workout the risk of injury on those weakened bones goes through the roof. Just like a bank account, if you keep withdrawing and don’t make any deposits, eventually that bank account will reach zero.

This is why regular intake of bioavailable sources or supplementation with Dotfit Calcium is so important. Taking two tablets a day will yield you 1000mg which will ensure that storage facility stays full. Sit down and review your nutrition with your fitness professional and see if you are 1 of that 50%!

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– Brian Woodford
EDGE Fitness Clubs Personal Trainer

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