Kevin Gregory

Kevin Gregory


Kevin Gregory

CALL: (203) 248-2582

Trainer Bio


  • SUNY Plattsburgh (Pursuing Masters in Fitness and Wellness Leadership)
  • SUNY Oneonta 

Primary Certifications

  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • Certified Fitness Trainer
  • Spartan SGX

Specialty Certifications

  • CPR/AED Certified
  • Obstacle Course Racing


  • 3x Spartan Race World Championship Qualifier
  • Former D3 Collegiate Lacrosse Player and Wrestler

Training Philosophy
Fitness is a lifestyle. Training is only a piece of the puzzle. Proper nutrition, rest, and recovery are equally important. We will work together to tie your fitness plan to a tangible goal, whether it be athletic or health/wellness related.

Motivational Quote
“Don’t let your past limit your future.”

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