Jourdan Kennis

Jourdan Kennis


Jourdan Kennis

CALL: 203.255.2582

Trainer Bio

  • University of Connecticut graduate
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • USA Boxing Official/ Coach
  • CPR & AED Certified
  • UFC Certified
  • Title Boxing Certified
  • Mittology Certified
  • TRX Certified
  • dotFIT Certified

Ex-Competitive Fighter and Trained by Roger Mayweather (Floyd Mayweather and Laila Ali’s Trainer). 9 years swimming for Long Island State, 9 years Lacrosse, avid Snowboarder and winter sport athlete

Training Philosophy
Nothing good in life comes easy, that is why I believe in constantly striving to be the ultimate at everything I do and believe everyone should do the same! It is important to live a balanced life, but when it comes time to be active you have to put forth your best effort and perform at 200%. As the Navy SEALs say, “the only easy day, was yesterday”, I find it is crucial to make that statement true in life. At the end of every workout you should look back and say, “that was easy work” knowing that tomorrow will not be…

Quote From Client
“Jourdan will teach you more than just boxing. Though his skills and way of teaching are exceptional, he will also encourage you to live a balanced lifestyle but also learn to have fun while doing it!”

Motivational Quote
“This program is not about doing the “best’ you can, it’s about doing better than your best!”

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